Monday, September 24, 2012

Charts: Annoying

It's easier to list the things Jon Gruden says that aren't annoying.


  1. Could not agree more, what an annoying dork Gruden is... "as good as any player in the NFL" what the hell does that mean? And the 70's porn actor haircut... LOL!

  2. MNF is unwatchable with Gruden. What do networks think when they take a guy of the field with no experience in the booth and give him the most high profile telecast. Every friggin current and former coach knows the game. Find one with experience in the booth that doesn't like to hear himself talk.

  3. Gruden resets my zero for what is the worst possible announcer in football history. For example,,,,,,"the defense lines up in run defense except when they don't".

  4. I can't watch MNF thanks to Gruden. What an incredibly boring blow hard

  5. He's a dicksucker, plain and simple.

  6. If someone tried to sound like an idiot they wouldn't come close to Jon Gruden. He's a caricature of a cartoon of an idiot announcer.

    1. He is the worst. Not sure where his popularity stems from. He didn't even win a Super Bowl, that was Dungy's tea.


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